To prove herself at her new job, Hollie White covers for the secretary to the Vice President of Silversmith Industries. But when her new boss suddenly leaves for Thanksgiving weekend, she’s forced to show a major client around Denver by herself, an undertaking which could make or break a multi-million dollar negotiation.

Arriving early in his father’s stead, Maxwell Donovan preempts a scheduled meeting. The goal: gain leverage for Donovan Enterprises by cutting Silversmith’s holiday short, throwing them off-balance.

Hollie is surprised to find herself in the presence of Maxwell—this year’s most eligible bachelor. Can she convince him to invest his resources in Denver? Or will her intense attraction over a chaotic weekend push him away? 

A New Ending
A Piece of the Pearl Heirloom Collection
Book One

Cursed by fate, Rachel Weber has abandoned the hope of finding true love considering every man she’s dated has cheated on her with a woman he later married. In an unexpected turn of events, she falls for the gorgeous Allen Sinclair. He’s perfect in every way— except, of course married.

Damaged by betrayal, Allen struggles to balance a dead end job, a college education, a troubled marriage, and a passionate encounter with Rachel. Bound by destiny, Rachel and Allen are drawn together in a way that neither one can explain.


As mysterious forces pull them apart, Rachel transcends into the boundaries of time to the Year of our Lord 1564, where she stumbles upon intriguing companions and dangerous events while she searches for her way back home.

Beginning Anew
A Piece of the Pearl Heirloom Collection
Book Two

Thieves attacked the Maycott caravan, abducting Seanna’s older sister Bethany. Instead of waiting for help from her father or the Earl of the nearby estate, Seanna sets out to save her sister.

Compelled by dreams, James Bryant returns to England after three long years, ready to confront his father and ghosts of his past. But before he has a chance to make amends, he is besieged by bandits and rescued by a spitfire of a girl who wields a sword unlike anyone he has ever seen.

Unlikely companions, Seanna and James find themselves stumbling down a path of destinies intertwined.

An Enchanted Beginning
A Piece of the Pearl Heirloom Collection
Book Three

After being abducted and subsequently rescued, Bethany Maycott’s reputation is ruined. Her father only sees one option—send her to a convent in France. Her sister, not ready to concede, convinces their father to give Bethany one last chance: find a respectable suitor before the ship departs.

Jonathan Butler, the most sought-after bachelor in Bristol, has no intention of getting married, much to his mother’s dismay. But when he hears about Bethany’s plight, he pretends to court her, making other suitors jealous.

Bethany finds a friend in Jonathan, and relief from society’s scorn—when suddenly she sees a stranger from her past….

A Perilous Beginning
A Piece of the Pearl Heirloom Collection
Book Four

Having failed to capture a rich earl’s heart through disreputable means, Viola Bryant finds herself on a ship bound for France, where her father will commit her to the Abbey of Saint Namadia, wishing for her a more sanctified life.But Viola’s mother had sworn her to a more glorious destiny than the abbey can offer: to place the “true” Queen on the throne of England. With new enemies and possible allies, she plots a new future….

Midnight Masquerade
Holidays in Westwood Hills
Book One

Step One: Full-time position with Fire Station Four ✓

Step Two: Schmooze with the most influential people in town ✓

Step Three…

All Dustin ever wanted was to eventually become Fire Chief and he was on his way. All he needed to do was work hard for a few years and make a good impression on the townsfolk. But when a raven of a beauty tries to interfere at the Mayor’s Masquerade Ball, he pushes her away, not realizing that she had more influence than he realized.

Will he get more than he’d bargained for at the masquerade?

Find out in this fun-sized, sweet, small town holiday romance of mistaken identity.

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© 2019 by Alyssa Dean Copeland

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